Wallpaper dissolves again - here is the remedy

Whether it is the unsuitable surface or the paste itself, which does not match the wallpaper, sometimes a wallpaper just does not want to stick permanently and comes off the wall. What you do about it, is here.

Different causes lead to the detachment of the wallpaper

If the surface is too rough, it often absorbs the glue so quickly that it does not hold the wallpaper reliably. Other reasons for a peeling wallpaper may be damp wall areas or a generally humid room.

Quick solution against loose wallpaper

Many try it several times with thicker paste, if the wallpaper does not want to adhere. Even normal adhesives are used as a solution. However, these can produce brownish discoloration on the top of the wallpaper when drying.

The simpler solution against a dissolving wallpaper is a latex binder. In DIY stores, this binder is often available in small pots, right for use.

Step by step against loose wallpaper

  • Latex binder
  • sponge
  • brush
  • Old towels

1. Stir the binder

First of all you have to stir the binder very well, as the water accumulates at the top.

2. Soak wallpaper

In the places where the wallpaper peels off, it is wet-spotted with a damp sponge until it is well soaked.

3. Distribute latex binder

Depending on the severity of the damage, you can apply the binder to both the wall and the back of the wallpaper, or both at the same time. Then the wallpaper is simply pressed gently with a dry cloth. You must not wipe, but only dab, otherwise tears the wallpaper.

Tips & Tricks

If you've already had a bad experience with a room or a wall, you can also coat the entire wall with this binder and then stick the wallpaper over it as normal.

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