Mending the wallpaper invisibly

Wallpapers are not meant for eternity and so they can tear easily or otherwise be damaged. Fortunately, then, who has used a piece of wallpaper or anyway Raufaser as wallpaper.

Replacement piece insert in the wallpaper

The first way to repair a damaged wallpaper invisibly is simply to replace the wallpaper. The best works with woodchip, but other wallpapers are suitable.

But you should not cut out the two parts individually, but place a larger piece of wallpaper on the affected area and then cut with a sharp cutter both pieces together.

Insert replacement piece

But it is important that a new piece of wallpaper on the back must be completely covered with paste. But this should not be applied so thick that it probably wells out at the seams. Then you would always be able to see the repair later.

Adjust the tone of the wall color

In order to adapt the wall color to the existing conditions, it can help with very light shades to touch a few drops of black tinting in the color. After all, the old color often had years to dare.

For dark shades you should also gray the color a bit, but at the same time it must be lighter in this case, because dark wall colors bleach over the years something.

Liquid woodchip

For white walls with woodchip wallpaper, liquid woodchip wood can is the easiest way to compensate for damage. It is best to dab the material roughly on the damaged area.

Hide cuts in the pattern

If it is a pattern wallpaper, you can hide the cut, if possible, in the pattern. Of course, you need a sufficiently large replacement piece that can be placed exactly on top of the damaged piece.

Wallpaper mending soon

  • Add woodchip wallpaper and paint
  • Replace pattern wallpaper
  • Liquid woodchoppers pulp

Tips & Tricks

For larger damaged areas, you can also wallpaper a wall in another decor, or just some tracks, for example, behind the sofa.

So far, if you have a very expressive wallpaper in a dark burgundy for example, you choose a neutral gray tone for the stripes or contrasting surfaces. Conversely, a neutral color is revamped with a slightly blatant hue or pattern wallpaper.

Video Board: Repair a Hole in Wallpaper