Paper wallpaper on wallpaper, is that possible?

Many wallpapers are difficult to remove from the wall once they stick. If you then want to wallpaper again, you are thinking about leaving the old wallpaper on the wall. But is that possible?

What happens when wallpapering?

Kleister contains a lot of water, this softens the wallpaper, and then partially evaporate during drying in the room and move to another part in the wall. As a result, the wallpaper sticks so reliably with simple paste.

New moisture for old paste

If you over an old wallpaper simply pastes over a new, the paste of the old wallpaper is also soaked. This is usually the signal for the paste to give up its adhesive power.

Thus, the old wallpaper is detached from the wall, together with the new wallpaper, it can then fall completely. This is accelerated by the extra weight that the new wet wallpaper represents.

Structures continue

Even if the old wallpaper may not peel off the wall with the new wallpaper, the structure will be pushed through.

Straight woodchip is often difficult to scratch off the wall and many feel that they can save their jobs. But since the new wallpaper is softened by the paste, the pattern of the old woodchip is completely absorbed in the new wallpaper.

Colors beat

The colors of old wallpaper can also be transferred due to the moisture in the new wallpaper and form there on the front stains. This applies to both the colors of the wallpaper patterns as well as the colors with which an old Rascha wallpaper might have been painted.

Disadvantages of wallpapering on old wallpaper in the near future

  • Wallpaper may be partially or completely detached
  • Structures can push through
  • Patterns or colors can break through

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to scrape off the old wallpaper, the only option is to paint over it one more time. In addition, normal paper wallpapers can be painted over if they have become unsightly.

The condition is that the wallpaper is still fully sustainable and has not already detached in some places or at the seams.

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