Dispose of wallpaper paste - so you save trouble

Although wallpaper paste must not be brought to the hazardous waste, you should still follow some rules, if you have a larger amount of wallpaper paste left over, while wallpapering. Because you should not dispose of paste in the drain.

Dispose of wallpaper paste in the residual waste

Before disposing of wallpaper paste, one should look at the pack of the type of paste and check which substances are contained in this type of paste. There are usually also appropriate advice on whether the paste is allowed in the residual waste.

The vast majority of adhesives of this type can be disposed of easily through the garbage can. However, you should not wash the paste down the drain.

Glue is not suitable for the drain

Anyone who tries to flush down Kleister over the sewer pipe can be unlucky. At narrow points and kinks in the water pipe, the paste can thicken to a large lump and settle.

In order to eliminate such a blockage, it usually takes a plumber and the bill can be quite high.

The tools that have been contaminated with the paste, but you can simply clean under a lot of running water anyway.

Allow wallpaper paste to dry

If you have larger amounts of the wallpaper paste left, you should allow it to dry before filling it with the garbage bin. Plastic bags can burst open and anyone who has paste in the dustbin will never get rid of it.

Use old buckets

If you already think of the leftovers when mixing the wallpaper paste, you can use an old discarded paint bucket, which you can dispose of later together with the remaining paste.

Disposal at the recycling center

Most recycling centers accept a larger amount of paste without any problems. So if you want to avoid any risk that the paste is pasting the barrel, it will take you to the recycling yard.

So you can dispose of wallpaper paste

  • trashcan
  • recycling
  • Allow to dry and dispose of
  • Tinker

Tips & Tricks

If you have a lot of wallpaper left over, you can make beautiful things out of papier mache with your children or yourself. All you need is some old newspapers and maybe some egg cartons.