Repair wallpaper instead of tearing it off

Instead of removing a slightly damaged wallpaper completely, you can repair them with various methods and so save again. After all, you can not constantly re-wallpaper. Which different possibilities are offered, we show here.

Remove scratch marks

How easily have you even pulled a scratch in the wallpaper with the vacuum cleaner or another device. Even owners of young cats will know the unsightly scuffs that can cause their feet and of course especially the claws.

The simplest way to remove such scratches in woodchip, for example, is liquid woodchip. However, in its only slightly structured form, this is also ideal for paper or textured wallpapers.

After drying, the liquid woodchip can easily be painted over. Even a pattern can be nicely traced.

Exchange of individual wallpaper spots

If you still have something left over from the same wallpaper, you can just swap a piece. This is a bit more difficult with patterned wallpaper, because you have to pay close attention to the matching sample.

The two sections must be exactly the same size, as overlaps could be very ugly here.

Either you cut out the new piece on the wall and cut it so both wallpapers or you take a lid of a saucepan as a template and cut it with the wall piece and the new piece of wallpaper.

So you can make sure that both parts are the same size.

Tips & Tricks

With filigree little patterns, you would have to buy many different tinting colors and painstakingly mix the different tones to complement the pattern. But it is also easier.

With a Tuschkasten that you either buy for little money or borrow from the children, the right color is quickly found. However, you should always have an extra tube of opaque white to add substance to the color.

Video Board: How to Fix Damaged Drywall Paper