Wallpaper for painting instead of woodchip

The paint industry has developed liquid woodchip wallpaper that can be bought in every hardware store. In addition to this wallpaper for painting and paintable wall coatings, for example, cotton, marble powder and slaked lime are referred to as liquid wallpaper. The transition to plaster is fluid.

Liquid woodchip

The liquid woodchip is a wallpaper for painting, which is applied as an ordinary paint. After cleaning and priming, the paint can be rolled out, which requires craftsmanship. The uniform distribution of the structure is difficult.

Especially for ceilings, liquid woodchip is often chosen. The wallpapering of ceilings is much more complex than the painting of the liquid Raspasertetete. For the same reason, many people choose wallpaper for painting their walls. The workload is less, but also more demanding.

Cheap self-manufacture

Wallpaper for painting is very expensive and exceeds traditional wallpaper many times over. Alternatively, talented craftspeople manage with their own mixture. In conventional white emulsion paint sawdust, wood chips or cat litter are stirred.

The consistency comparable to oatmeal is applied to the wall with a special roll of vinyl fibers. Lambskin rolls stick together quickly and then no longer evenly distribute the paint.

special Manufacturers

In addition to the wallpaper for painting in Raufaserausführung and optics, there are some special manufacturers, the wall paints with textiles, cotton-based and made with vegetable fibers.

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Wallpaper for painting or liquid wallpaper are similar in processing to plastering. Trowels often have to be repaired and the distribution must be skilfully balanced. For artisanal laymen liquid wallpaper is unsuitable.

Tips & Tricks

Liquid wallpapers or wallpaper for painting have a long tradition in Japan. There are a few German importers who mainly sell a large selection of decors in the luxury segment.

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