Wallpaper or paint - what works when?

Whether you can paper new or repaint it depends not only on your own wishes. If the wallpaper has already been painted over several times, it is not possible to paint another layer of paint over it.

Check conditions

Who does not know exactly if and how often the old wallpaper on the wall has already been painted, should first test on a hidden spot, if it is even possible to paint the wallpaper yet another time.

But if the existing wallpaper has obviously been painted over several times, you'd better paper it right now.

Pattern for more coziness

Although it is possible on a painted Raufasertapete to produce a nice pattern with stencils or special scooters, but better and clearer is to represent each pattern on a real wallpaper.

So if you want to have a romantic or cozy pattern on your wall, you'd better stick a new wallpaper to the wall right away. Often you can still repaint them later, if you no longer like the pattern.

Paint directly on the wall

Whether you want to paper or paint, depends very much on your own taste. But if the wall is very smooth, you can paint it without a wallpaper.

Possibly, however, a primer or a liquid waste must be applied beforehand, because a newer plaster will otherwise be too absorbent.

Tips & Tricks

Much depends on the question of whether to paper or paint to your own taste.

However, if you have small children or cats in the house, the paint directly on the wall can be easily repaired and is often a bit more practical than a wallpaper.

Video Board: How To Paint Over Old Wallpaper