Customize wallpapers

Wallpapers not only make our rooms more comfortable, but we also design the walls according to our ideas with the decorative panels. The selection of wallpaper types is so extensive that the right design is available for almost every taste.

Frequent types of wallpaper

If the talk of wallpapers, is usually meant the paper wallpaper. It offers countless design options in terms of printing and the surface texture. The trendy non-woven wallpapers are relatively new in the market and are well suited for bathrooms due to their resistance to humidity. The plastic wallpaper is water repellent and suitable for wet rooms and kitchens. Hard-wearing vinyl wallpaper works well in kitchens and hallways as they can be wiped off. Effect wallpapers are particularly artful, but only slightly resistant. They are fitted with fine metal foils or natural materials that form uniform patterns. Photo wallpapers do not have a consistent pattern, but show a single image motif.

Find the right wallpaper

Customize wallpapers: wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper does not have to be boring today.

With wallpaper, a room can be optically altered - even in its perceived size. The room height can be stretched, for example. This succeeds with bright ceiling wallpaper or vertically running wall patterns. If you want to visually enlarge a room as a whole, you can attach a single photo wallpaper to a prominent wall. Through carefully selected motifs and with good lighting, the eye perceives more room depth. On the other hand, a room looks lower through dark ceiling wallpaper and horizontal wall patterns. With bold colors, a room can be visually upset, which can be useful, for example, in old-style apartments.

Tips for wallpapering

Non-woven wallpapers make wallpapering easy and save time. Because after the wall preparation (remove old wallpaper, fill holes etc.), the paste comes to the wall and not as usual on the back of the wallpaper. The web is immediately "dry" attached and pressed bubble-free. For all other types of wallpaper paste should be allowed to act on the back of the wallpaper for eight to twelve minutes. During this "soft time", the track expands slightly. By waiting for the expansion, there will be no wrinkles later. During the wallpapering process, it is recommended to keep the windows closed and the heater off to avoid temperature fluctuations.

Design individual wallpapers

Customize wallpapers: wallpaper

With an individually designed wallpaper memories can be preserved.

WIRmachenDRUCK has recognized this trend and allows the individual design of wallpaper with non-woven wallpaper. Customers choose a pattern from an image offer or upload their own. Subsequently, the webs are printed and delivered according to customer requirements. For some offers, the customer receives the necessary amount of paste including. A photo wallpaper can also be personalized. When ordering it is necessary to pay attention to the best possible image quality, so that the subject is not unintentionally blurred. Dimensions and materials are freely selectable in the individual wallpaper design and should be adapted as exactly as possible to the existing space conditions.

Tips about photo wallpapers

The length and width are made entirely according to the customer's specifications, so that they only have to be attached coherently and seamlessly to the wall. Overhangs can be easily cut off with a knife. Emerging bubbles and wrinkles have a negative effect on the subject and should therefore be highlighted immediately.

With advanced technology, pattern and photo wallpapers are now available in first-class quality and for a small price. With individually designed wallpapers, everyone creates a home with a feel-good atmosphere to measure.

Photo Credits:
Cover Picture: Pixabay, martaposenuckel, CC0 Public Domain
custom wallpaper: Pixabay, andrea91s, CC0 Public Domain
Pattern wallpaper: Pixabay, PIROD4D, CC0 Public Domain

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