Walls in the garden - that's all important

A garden wall made of natural stones or lightweight concrete blocks can easily be built by yourself. However, some important things have to be taken care of. What is particularly important when walling in the garden is therefore explained in detail in this manual.

Special features when walling in the outdoor area

  • the foundation
  • the wall height
  • joint treatment

The foundation

External walls must be built on a sufficiently deep and sufficiently stable foundation. When building the foundation, a few important points matter.

Size of the foundation

For better carrying capacity, the foundation should be about 10 cm wider and longer than the planned wall. It must be dug accordingly larger.

Frost freedom

To avoid freezing, the wall must be set up in the frost-free area. The foundation must therefore be at least 60 cm, better 80 cm deep. The bottom of the foundation must be sufficiently compacted with a vibrating plate.

The lowest part of the foundation is filled with a so-called capillary-breaking layer of suitable gravel. This also prevents freezing. The layer should be about 40 cm thick.

Load capacity

On the capillary-breaking layer comes a sufficiently strong layer of concrete. The strength depends on the weight of the bricks and the height of the wall. As a rule, however, a layer thickness of 20 - 25 cm is sufficient. The screed concrete must not be too liquid.

The wall height

There are different regulations for the maximum permissible height of the wall. An official building permit is not required in most municipalities, however, a note from the relevant building authority very often already. There is also communicated, which measures the wall may have maximum.

joint treatment

All joints between the stones must be scraped out after laying and thoroughly grouted so that no water can penetrate.

Wall in the garden - homemade

  • Brick in suitable width
  • suitable mortar (for natural stones: natural stone mortar!)
  • screed concrete
  • Gravel (best 0/32)
  • Films building
  • rüttelplatte
  • Concrete bucket or pan for mixing
  • Stirrer for mixing
  • Mason strings for marking
  • Shovel and spade
  • trowel
  • spirit level
  • plummet

1. Create a foundation

Mark the foundation with strings and lift the foundation trench. Compact the bottom with the vibrating plate and apply the gravel layer. Also compact.

Mix the screed with earth-moist concrete. Apply concrete layer slowly and evenly. Cover with building foil and allow to set.

2. Create a wall

Create a mortar bed on the hardened foundation. Mark the course of the wall with the string. Lay out the first layer of stones and align them exactly. Thereafter the wall ends pre-wall.

3. Finish the wall

Wall to the desired height. Pay attention to an exact alignment of the stones and check again and again with the plumb bob if the wall is straight.

4. Edit joints

Scrape the mortar out of the joints and fill the entire joints with a special grout for exterior use.

Tips & Tricks

Walls in the garden must not be used to secure slopes or slopes. Such structures are subject to special regulations and execution guidelines.

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