Fill interior walls with Rotband

The manufacturer Knauf offers with its product line Rotband an easy-to-use gypsum-bound interior filler. Additives enhance the adhesion of the plaster or spatula. The adhesion and the long pot life also allow laymen to successfully work on limited-adhesion substrates such as concrete.

Powder and ready mixes

The German manufacturer Knauf offers its products around the material gypsum in over eighty countries worldwide. The brand is a household name for both commercial construction professionals and private individuals. With the trowel products Rotband and Uniflott, the two most common plasters for indoor use have found the common usage of professionals and laymen.

The product family of gypsum-bound red tape plasters varies slightly in the individual versions with regard to the aggregates. The classic powdered red ribbon is set for manual processing. Modifications such as Rotband felt and Pro are also designed for machine processing. The ready-mixed bucket containers Reno and Beto are used primarily for fast and durable plastering of concrete substrates.

For rigs prefer Uniflott

Rotband is suitable for almost all tasks in private homes on all surfaces. The putty can be filled with plaster or fabric or tape on plasterboard. Somewhat more expensive is the product Uniflott from the same manufacturer for Rigips. The finer fine plaster can be processed better on Rigips better than the coarse-grained Rotband.

Rotband is designed so that it can form both smooth surfaces and structured plaster images. The surface plastering of the wall with Rotband is easily possible. For particularly smooth and non-adherent surfaces such as precast concrete parts, the manufacturer recommends pre-coating an adhesive. The leveling of the lime plaster can be easily planned by the processing time of about ninety minutes.

Bathroom and kitchens tolerate Rotband

The mixing and aggregate ratio of Rotband is adjusted so that the plaster or the filler can be processed in normally used wet rooms of a private household. Slight variations in the mixing process increase the resistance to moisture. The durability of Rotband is not a problem in private bathrooms and kitchens. For swimming pool pools and extremely wet rooms like sauna pools, Rotband is not suitable.

Tips & Tricks

The saying, who buys cheap, buys twice, applies to Rotband. If you use the medium-putty, you will acquire proven quality, which does not cause later additional expenses if properly processed.

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