Renovate walls

The renovation of walls is the classic work for home improvement. However, "renovate" is very general and involves many different activities and works. Below is an overview of everything that belongs to the renovation of walls.

Renovate walls - various renovations

Renovating walls is necessary for a variety of reasons. Either in the context of cosmetic repairs or because tenants move out. But also "spent" and worn walls need to be renovated. Depending on the scope of work, the renovation can be very extensive and includes sometimes very demanding work:

  • the painting of walls
  • the removal of plaster
  • the repair and filling of walls
  • the new plastering of walls
  • laying wall tiles

Rather beauty repair than renovation work: the whitening of walls

The painting of a wall is probably still the most common of the mentioned renovations. Depending on usage, a new coat of paint should be made every three to five years. Under "painting walls and ceilings", we will focus on important details about painting and whitening rather than the painting itself. Here you can learn more about colors, their properties, quality requirements and the required qualities of Malerwerkzeug.

The removal of plaster

Putz also can no longer meet the requirements. In particular, if Putz permanently wet over a long period of time, he may tend to fall in large chunks from the wall or literally sand, so to crumble.

Use a small hammer to gently tap all the plaster to discover hollow spots and loose plaster. For smaller areas, the mending with renovation mortar is sufficient.

Highly chalking plaster must be washed off with water before painting or tiling. Highly absorbent plaster is primed with primer, no or little absorbing plaster with primer.

Filling walls when renovating

The filling of a wall is used in the renovation of the mending or drywall panels may also re-grouting and filling the panel joints. Wall, ceiling and floor connection are grouted elastically.

Re-plaster walls during renovations

The plastering is increasingly becoming one of the typical home improvement renovations. For example, it is important to distinguish between the different types of plaster and interior plaster and exterior plaster. The plastering of reinforcing mortar is also part of it.

Theatrical completion work: laying wall tiles

Finally, another typical renovation job is laying wall tiles. Depending on the premises (wet rooms, conventional living spaces) completely different requirements are set, which are to be considered especially when renovating. In some cases, other renovations like the preparation of the substrate and the new plastering have to be done.

Tips & Tricks

Another part of the renovation is tearing or removing a wall. As you can see, we offer you in the house journal all the important guides and instructions, so you can professionally renovate your walls.

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