Build wardrobe from a pallet

In addition to its original purpose, a wooden pallet can also be used as a building material for a cloakroom. The boards can be disassembled as individual components used and the pallet assembly partially or in one piece can be used. They are particularly well suited to the interior style of Shabby Chic.

Mount wall wardrobe

From wooden pallets can be built complete hall furniture itself, but a particularly obvious and popular use is the characteristic structure for the home of a wardrobe. The standard dimensions of a Euro pallet are often pretty much the same as a wardrobe anyway.

In the simplest design variant, the pallet can be bolted to the wall as a whole. When the top is facing forwards, a finished slatted frame represents the front of the coat rack. Here, wardrobe hooks of all kinds can be fastened anywhere and in any distribution. When the pallet is fastened to the wall with the underside facing forward into the corridor, three slats stand out.

Framing earlier base

The three previous shelves are nailed to wooden blocks that serve as spacers to the previous pallet top. Depending on the desired design, one, two or all three slats can be removed. With each slat removed, there are three wooden blocks free. For example, if the slat is placed at right angles to the back of the wall, it creates a narrow shelf.

One interesting design option is to release one half of the page of the palette to place a recessed mirror in the hall counter on the free space created in this way. Also cork as pin board or a board are popular variants. If several shelves are pulled in on the wooden blocks above and on the other half of the side of the pallet, through drawer boxes the character of a wardrobe closet can arise.

Surfaces, colors and nails

Especially for the Shabby Chic are often appreciated the original embossed lettering on pallets. They can be obtained by carefully grinding the surface only by hand. A transparent seal can be done by painting or glazing. In order to darken the pallet wood or to make the textures more contrasty, the use of stain is also possible. Pallet wood is resilient and frugal.

Be careful when sanding unmounted pallets or pallet parts. Pallets are always nailed down and in a longer transport life, subsequent nails were often smashed. Broken nail tips often hide in several places of the blocks and slats. Careless driving with a grinder may damage the abrasive, the device, or cause injury to the person being dragged.

Tips & Tricks

Their design freedom is set very little with pallets. We recommend the purchase of a second pallet, which serves as a spare parts and supplementary warehouse.

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