Lacquer wardrobe professionally

Do you no longer like your wardrobe or does it not really fit with the other pieces of furniture? Then paint it again. What you should pay attention to is explained below.

Choose the right shade

Do not just go to the hardware store and grab the next best color. Instead, think in advance exactly in which color you want to paint your closet. Above all you should have the other pieces of furniture, wall paint and carpets and curtains in mind. Do not try to use the same shade, e.g. To create the curtains, almost certainly you will not succeed and the result rather unfortunate look. Therefore, decide better for a harmonious color. If the room is e.g. rather blue, contrast your wardrobe in a warm orange or yellow or in a dark shade of green.

What to look for when painting your cabinet

  • From dark to light is more time-consuming: if you want to paint your cabinet, which is currently painted in a very dark color, brighter, it may be necessary to first sand off or strip off the old paint.
  • Non-polluting lacquer: Especially when painting furniture that is kept in the bedroom, it is important to ensure that the lacquers and paints used are free from harmful substances, such as contain harmful solvents.
  • Covering: It is best to paint your closet outdoors and cover your environment well, so that it does not get any color.
  • Allow to dry well: Allow the paint to dry to 200% before putting it back in its place and filling it. After all, you do not want to have any paint stains on your garments.
  • Alternatives: If you want to save the time-consuming painting, you can instead paper your cabinet or foil it.

In this post you will receive a detailed guide on how to paint your wardrobe step by step: repainting the wardrobe.

Tips & Tricks

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