Make ready-mixed concrete with sugar

Washed concrete consists of a cement and pebble mixture enriched with aggregates. During the casting process, a slowed setting of the cement is caused on one side, which allows the partial unilateral rinsing of the cement. There are two crafting methods used in manufacturing.

Retarder in the mold or direct leaching

For the production of coarse-grained washed concrete, the aids which retard the setting of the cement on the later surface of the washed concrete are placed in the mold. A typical retarder is sugar, which is loaded on one side, for example, on soaked paper or cloth in the mold. Other chemical delay agents are used.

The cement and stone mixture binds after pouring at all not touched by the retarder points. After the correct drying or setting time, the washed concrete is removed from the casting mold. The surface is washed out with a high-pressure water jet and / or brushes. The non-hardened cement thus removed exposes the pebbles or grit.

In particular, with washed concrete with smaller Kieselkörnungen and / or grit can also be carried out a direct leaching. The freshly poured washed concrete slabs are still rinsed in the form in intensity with high pressure water pumps. This process continues until the desired depth of purging and exposure of the pebbles or chippings is achieved.

Make ready-mixed concrete yourself

The industrial principle of manufacturing is well convertible to domestic use. Self-built wooden cladding for the sprue of the cement-stone mixture must be watertight. For the introduction of the retarder, absorbent paper or cardboard can be used. The sheets are cut to the size of the upper washed concrete surface. They must be dipped in a sugar solution or a chemical delay supplement available at the hardware store.

After pouring the concrete, the deceleration sheet is inserted into the mold and closed. Also possible are the previous loading of the paper and the pouring of the concrete. In this procedure, the surface to be washed later must be at the bottom and the stone or plate must be turned after removal.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire carefully about the setting times of your chosen cement and remove the mold punctually after the passage of time. If you wait longer, the retarder can penetrate too deeply into the washed concrete and create looser pebbles.

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