Renovate laundry room - you can do that

The laundry room is a work space - but also work rooms may look nice and attractive. If your laundry room has gotten a bit older over time, a renovation is usually worthwhile. Find out what you can do in this post.

Ways to renovate the laundry room

If you are going to renovate, think of the following areas:

  • renew the flooring
  • to redesign the walls
  • to optimize the device

Renew flooring

The simplest and most cost-effective is renewing with vinyl coverings. You can even attach individual systems directly to any other floor covering using an adhesive film. Vinyl does not cost much, is easy to clean and often also hard-wearing.

However, if you are planning for a longer period of time, tiling is usually worthwhile. They are durable for decades, virtually wear-free and very easy to keep clean. Tiles in wood or stone look add value to your laundry room.

The slightly higher price relativizes itself with the very long durability. In the long run, tile coverings are even cheaper than almost all other floor coverings. With cross-laid large formats, you can also optically stretch a laundry room.

Reshape walls

Tile coverings are also suitable here - alternatively, you can also use waterproof wall paints to create a certain splash protection.

Since the problem in the laundry room is usually not splash water, but especially high humidity, wall paints and plasters, which have a moisture-balancing effect, such as lime paint and lime plaster, are especially worthwhile. Moreover, both give no chance to mold - they kill it because of their basic properties.

Optimize facility

You can also take the opportunity to make your laundry room more functional. Create a shelf via a washer and dryer, attach sorting baskets for your laundry or install wall shelves. Tips for a functional design of the laundry room can also be found in this post.

Tips & Tricks

Also pay attention to details such as lighting, easy access to shelves and the shortest possible distances when working in the laundry room. The more ergonomic the laundry room is, the easier it will be for you to work by hand. In addition, the small time savings add up to many hours in the long term, you have less in the laundry room.

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