Washing machine change coals - when, how and why?

From the exchange of motor coals one hears in relation to washing machines again and again. What the engine blocks actually are, what they are necessary for and how to recognize when they need to be changed, you will learn in detail in this post.

Motor carbon - function

Each motor uses so-called carbon brushes. They do not consist of coal, but of graphite. Graphite is the same stuff that makes up a pencil lead.

Over time, the carbon brushes wear off on every electric motor. They are simply wearing parts. If the coals are too worn, the engine can no longer work. The coals must then be exchanged.

Evidence of worn coal

Most washing machines do not have their own fault code for worn out coals. The electronics only realize that certain parts in the engine are no longer turning. Therefore, different error codes may arise when the engine stops due to wear of the coals.

Miele devices frequently display the error code F04 or F50, in many cases only a flashing "Rinse" symbol. For AEG and Privileg devices, however, the fault code displayed on worn coals is very often F09.

However, the cause of the error can also be different here - therefore, every possibility for the error must be carefully checked and excluded by a specialist.

Exchange coals

For most devices, the coals can be relatively easily replaced with the housing, only with some devices they are to be replaced individually.

Whether an exchange is necessary can only be seen by looking at the coals from their grinding surface. A view from above usually does not show the degree of wear.

It is also necessary to clean the commutator, ie the surface on which the coals grind, after insertion, so that the motor works again without problems. You should not forget that.

Light grinding noises after the exchange of the coals are normal - they must first "grind in". The grinding noises should not be heard after 3 - 4 machine loads.

Tips & Tricks

With many machines, you can easily change the coals yourself - however, a check of the engine for any other errors can often only be carried out by a specialist. An in-depth check of the machine with each displayed error is therefore always advisable.

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