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  • Washing machines distinguish between front loaders and top loaders. Front loaders are conveniently filled from the front - and they also have a high drum volume. Toploaders, on the other hand, are filled from above. Compared to front loaders, they are more space-saving but often have a smaller drum volume.
  • The mini-washing machines are the third type. These are rather transportable camping washing machines, which are mainly intended for vacation and are rarely used at home.
  • One of the most important purchase criteria is the energy efficiency label. The program selection, the drum volume and the dimensions of the device must also be taken into account.

Washing machine comparison 2018: machine

It is available in almost every household: the washing machine. Whether front loader or top loader or mini washing machine: In 96.2% of private households in Germany there is a washing machine that is used for regular cleaning of clothing and other textiles (source: Federal Statistical Office)

In our Washing machine comparison 2018 We have compared different types of washing machines, especially top and front loaders. In addition, we will tell you why, in addition to the energy efficiency class, the dimensions and drum volume are also relevant when making a purchase.

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  • For camping-washing machine comparison

1. Who has the choice: the washing machine types

When buying a washing machine you will have to choose between three machine types - a front or top loader or a mini-washing machine. The latter type of machine can not be compared with conventional washing machines, since these machines are camping washing machines that can be taken on trips. Nevertheless, their advantages and disadvantages should not be disregarded in the following table.

Front loaders

Washing machine comparison 2018: 2018

  • Standard design; freestanding floor appliances
  • large product selection
  • Filling via door (porthole) at the front
  • Control panel (knobs, knobs) above the door; next to detergent chamber f. Detergent u. softener
  • Standard dimensions (W x H x D): 60 x 85 x 57 - 64 cm
  • Drum volume: 5 - 9 kg
Advantages and disadvantageslarge capacity
can be combined with a tumble dryer
often below ground
large variety of programs
not suitable for every household - requires a large footprint
awkward to transport

Washing machine comparison 2018: machines

  • Filling via a flap on the top
  • low product selection
  • Detergent chamber and control bar also on the top
  • especially narrow - for small apartments
  • Standard dimensions (W x H x D): 40 - 45 x 88 - 90 x 60 cm
  • Drum volume: 5 - 6 kg
Advantages and disadvantagessave space
easy loading - beneficial for older people o. in back problems
large variety of programs
lower drum volume
not suitable for families
Mini Washer

Washing machine comparison 2018: washing

  • easy to transport - suitable for travel (camping holidays) and small households
  • small dimensions - especially space-saving
  • Models with one or two chambers
  • Two-chamber systems consist of wash and spin chamber
  • Drum volume: 2 - 4 kg; Spin volume is usually only 20-40% of the wash chamber
  • Wash chamber must be manually filled with hot water
Advantages and disadvantagescheap washing machine for on the way
light, small and space saving
fast washing process (about 15 minutes)
few washing programs (about 3)
no variety of functions
often not effective for stubborn stains
Laundry must be wrung out without a spinning chamber

2. Purchase advice: You should pay attention when buying a washing machine necessarily?

If you buy a washing machine, then you should think about some criteria. The most important of them we present you in our washing machine comparison.

2.1. Energy label and annual consumption

Washing machine comparison 2018: comparison

The construction of the energy label for washing machines.

A washing machine test winner should first of all be awarded an EU energy label. This gives information about how much energy (electricity) and water used by the washing machine during operation. In addition, this equipment can be compared with regard to their consumption and their quality.

The following information can be found in the energy label for washing machines:

  • NEN manufacturer and model name
  • the name of the energy efficiency class
  • the color lights of the efficiency classes (A +++ to D)
  • the power consumption (kWh per year): calculated on the basis of 220 washes per year (about 4-5 washes per week) at 40 to 60 degrees with full and partial load
  • the water consumption (liters per year): calculated on the basis of 220 washes per year (about 4-5 washes per week) at 40 to 60 degrees with full and partial load
  • the capacity in kg
  • the spin efficiency class: gives information about the residual moisture in the laundry after spinning (A: highest efficiency, G: lowest efficiency)
  • the maximum noise of the washing machine (dB): the lower the decibel value, the quieter the machine

Best Buy: The washing machines A +++ are currently the most efficient appliances on the market. The "worst" washing machines that are allowed, however, have the efficiency class A. Basically: The higher the efficiency class, the lower the power consumption per year.

A Washing machine without label? Hands off!

Likewise, the view of water consumption per year is important. For orientation: A washing machine with a drum volume of 8 kg should not consume more than 10,000 liters per year per year.

Washing machine comparison 2018: comparison

The right connection: Usually, cold water flows into the machine, which must first be heated before washing. Of course, this costs time and electricity. More practical is a device that can be connected directly to hot water.

2.2. Spin number & spin class

Washing machine comparison 2018: machines

Too high a spin rate damages the textiles. 1,000 revolutions per minute are necessary for sufficient drying.

The spin efficiency class on the energy label provides information on how much residual moisture is contained in the laundry after the spin cycle.

The following applies: The higher the spin class, the drier the laundry. Along with it is also a higher spin number.

Most machines, whether top loader or front loader, have a speed of 1,400 or 1,600 rpm.

However, to obtain a sufficient drying, are already 1,000 revolutions per minute (spin class C) sufficient.

Note, however, that frequent washing at a high number of revolutions per minute can damage clothing. Especially cotton materials under too high a spin rate.

2.3. Volume & Programs

In a detailed washing machine test, two important questions arise: Which drum volume should the machine have and how many programs?

The drum volume at a glance:

Washing machine comparison 2018: washing

Regardless of whether you buy a washing machine from Siemens, Bosch, Bauknecht, Miele, AEG or Samsung, cotton is particularly susceptible to damage at high spin rates.
  • 3,5 - 5 kg: for 1 to 2 persons
  • 6 - 8 kg: for 3 to 4 people
  • 9 - 12 kg: for 5 persons and more

The best washing machines also convince with a large number of programs - possible are 15 or more programs. If you buy a new washing machine, the following programs are included in the basic package:

  • Program for cooking and cotton and cotton (60 degrees)
  • Program for cotton and cotton (40 degrees)
  • Easy care program (40 degrees)
  • Gentle program for delicates and silk (30 degrees)
  • Wool program / hand wash (30 degrees)

Note: Usually, these standard programs are perfect, since you can wash most of the traditional laundry with you.

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The testing institute regularly tests washing machines. Currently there are about 72 different models in the washing machine test, 13 of them from autumn 2016.

How did the 8 front loaders and 5 Toplader known manufacturers, such as Miele, Beko and AEG have beaten, read here.

While the cheapest washing machines are usually equipped with the standard programs, you will encounter washing machines that are already among the more expensive home appliances due to their choice of programs.

Common are devices with an extra program for down or feather beds or settings that should prevent the fading of particularly sensitive clothing. There are also special programs for outdoor clothing or sports shoes.

To the special programs include the austerity programs (ECO programs)that you typically find in high-efficiency washing machines. The ECO programs ensure that energy costs are reduced. This is possible, by a low washing temperature (30 degrees) with the lower power consumption accompanied.

Only drawback: ECO programs require significantly more time to wash. Compared to a 60 degree wash cycle, the laundry should be sufficiently soaked to achieve good wash results.

Washing machine comparison 2018: machine

Connect washing machine:Since washing machines are heavy and bulky, you should have the machine transported directly to the storage area and ideally have it installed immediately. In addition, it is convenient if the old machine can be taken by the dealer.

2.4. Volume and security

Also relevant is the volume of your future washing machine test winner. In a wash 50 decibels are normal, which corresponds approximately to a weak road traffic. With up to 80 decibels, however, you must count on the spin process. This corresponds to heavy traffic noise.

Basically: The lower the decibel number, the quieter the machine works. Quiet washing machines reach about 45 to 50 dB during washing, about 70 dB when spinning.

Regardless of whether you buy a cheap washing machine or an expensive one for your household, A safety precaution should not be missing: the AquaStop, also called Aqua-Control, Aqua-Safe or Aqua-Alarm.

Washing machine comparison 2018: machines

With an Aquastop hose you can retrofit your washing machine at any time.

It prevents water from leaking in the event of a defect. Washing machines without integrated AquaStop can easily be retrofitted with such a technology, but this is associated with an additional investment.

2.5. Space question - top loaders are the narrowest

Finally, you should clarify the place question. If you only have one narrow parking space in the bathroom we recommend a 45 to 50 cm narrow top loader.

On the other hand, the washing machine should be in the kitchen, we advise you to a front loader, which is substructure.

A device that combines two functions in one, is the washer with dryer, the so-called washer-dryers. However, they are still among the exotics among the electrical appliances and are also considered energy guzzlers.

Small but nice: On (camping) trips, however, is a small washing machine, also referred to as a camping washing machine. It is easy to transport. The mini-machines are also particularly popular in single households.

Washing machine comparison 2018: machines

More than just a Bauknecht washing machine: The WATK Prime 9716 is a washer-dryer. That With this machine you can do laundry and dry.

The market of washing machines is flooded by many brands and manufacturers, some of them are already one Synonymous with durable and high quality washing machines become.

This includes, for example, the manufacturer Miele. The devices are considered high quality and particularly robust. In addition, the washing machines of the manufacturer have many technical finesses and low energy and water consumption. Accordingly, the premium devices also cost over € 1,000.

In addition belong also Siemens washing machines or machines from Bauknecht, Samsung, LG, AEG or Bosch to the popular brands at customers. Often the washing machines are slightly cheaper than Miele machines. With an investment between 400 and 800 € you still have to expect.

Comparatively cheap washing machines, which also have a good quality, but are equipped with less technical refinements, you get for example from Beko (300-350 €) or Gorenje (less than 300 €).

More brands and manufacturers at a glance:

  • Siemens
  • Gorenje
  • AEG
  • Bauknecht
  • Hoover
  • Miele
  • Bosch
  • Candy
  • Syntrox Germany
  • Grundig
  • Blomberg
  • Beko
  • Grundig
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • privilege

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