Disassemble the washing machine - is that even possible?

If the cause of noises during operation or for defects is unclear, it will make it difficult for some do-it-yourselfers to completely disassemble the washing machine and look up. Whether this is possible at all, where there can be problems when disassembling, and how one can manage in some cases, is explained here.

Possibilities for disassembly

The back wall of washing machines can be easily removed, even some other parts can still be broken down, for example, remove the heating elements.

When tub it is usually already problematic. Many plastic tubs are even glued and can not be opened so easily, so that it comes to the inner life. In Blechbottichen opening is often still possible, they are usually snapped at the front.

But for many steps that follow, you would need special tools. This is always different depending on the type of washing machine and construction. As a DIY enthusiast with little experience, you hardly have a chance anymore. Such repairs, which require a complete disassembly, should be better left to the skilled person.

Foreign matter between drum and tub

In most cases, such a disassembly desire comes home improvement whenever a foreign body between tub and drum is suspected that causes rubbing or rattling noises during washing or even in individual programs.

Such noises can also come from a bearing damage of the washing machine. This then makes it necessary to replace the bearings, which you can hardly do as a handyman yourself or get it clean. Since a specialist is needed anyway for the check, then the rest of the problem will be dealt with quite often.

In most cases, the foreign body is a BH-bracket, which is through the holes in the drum between the drum and tub. However, it is often sufficient to scan the interior of the drum in order to be able to find and remove the foreign body.

Instead of opening the tub (which is often not possible if it is glued), you should better remove the heater in these cases. Through most of the machines most of the machines reach almost every point inside the tub.

Tips & Tricks

When disassembling always be very careful not to damage seals or small parts. Best left to the expert, as in an emergency by improper repairs, the washing machine can also be very quickly scrap (engine defect or the like).

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