Dress up the washing machine - some clever ideas

Not in every bathroom, the washing machine is the appropriate eye-catcher. Many modern bathroom designs are disturbed in their visual effect by freestanding washing machines and dryers. Here are some interesting ideas for making the washing machine look elegant with the aid of a panel.

Change of location for the washing machine

The easiest option, of course, is to banish the washing machine from the bathroom and set up a combined laundry and drying room in the basement. Often this is not so easy.

In a redesign of the kitchen, one could also consider integrating the washing machine in the kitchenette. Many washing machines have suitable dimensions for this. They can then be made completely invisible behind a closet door, an improvised rail curtain or another option within the kitchen unit.

The bathroom is then released from the optically disturbing washing machine, in the kitchen it is usually much easier to "hide".

Overbuild the washing machine

To better integrate a washing machine into a bathroom, it can be overbuilt with matching wood. Such a superstructure is easy to manufacture.

From color and optically matching wood one can produce an L-shaped superstructure. The longer side of the L is attached to the wall by using angles, the shorter one being the cheek next to the washing machine. This shorter side could alternatively be made of ytong stones and plastered appropriately.

This leaves only the front of the washing machine visible. Here you can easily attach a curtain rod to the wood, on which a larger bath towel covers the washing machine.

In addition to the washing machine in the superstructure finds, if necessary, even the dryer or a Wäschetonne place. The bathroom looks so much tidier. The resulting storage table can take on additional useful functions:

  • as a temporary changing table
  • as a storage area
  • Fold as an ironing surface and as a shelf to the laundry and sort

Alternatively, you can also install the washing machine in an overlying, suitable for bathroom design shelf. Here, however, one must remember that there are only a few shelves with the same depth as a washing machine.

A better way to design the area above the superstructure is a free shelf of individual shelves, which can then be less deep than the washing machine superstructure. This looks visually pleasing.

Tips & Tricks

A gluing the washing machine (except for the porthole) with special films is of course also possible. But that does not always look particularly high quality, and hides the washing machine also not visually.