Washing machine change gasket - how do you do that?

If the door seal of the washing machine is leaking and water is running out of the machine, the door seal must be replaced. This is a very tricky and tricky job, but with some skill and the right guidance it is still possible to carry out this repair yourself. How to proceed, and what to look for, is explained here.

First step: Checking the door seal

Before you go to the exchange, you should check the door seal of the washing machine again. Damage to door seals is rare, and if there is water in front of the washing machine and below the porthole, it may well have other causes.

In any case, a damaged area should also be clearly visible before starting to replace the door seal. If you do not find a clear damage, you should first consider all other possible causes of water leakage before considering.

Remove door seal

The door seal is held by screws located around the laundry opening. These screws must first be removed.

Then there is another screw, which is usually in a hole to the right of the rubber seal. In addition, the screws should be removed laterally next to the door, so that the front can be opened.

Afterwards, the door seal can be removed. For this purpose, a clamp or a clamping ring must be solved, which is later required for installation again.

Install new door seal

The replacement door seal has a small tongue, which must necessarily point upwards if the door seal is installed correctly. For installation, you can apply a little washing up liquid on the gasket so that it glides better.

The assembly is exactly the reverse of the removal. Positioning and securing the clamping ring requires some skill and experience.

In any case, it must turn after positioning and must sit exactly and firmly, otherwise the seal can not fulfill its function correctly. Outwardly, the rubber seal must be completely along the entire length in the appropriate fold.

Tips & Tricks

If you are not sure about mounting, you should leave it to a specialist. This is more expensive, but the seal then sits perfectly again.

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