Washing machine: how can you clean the lint filter?

The cleaning of the lint filter is one of the maintenance tasks which one should carry out regularly with the own washing machine. Where to find the lint filter, what you have to consider when cleaning, and what problems can occur if you neglected a regular cleaning, tells you in detail this post.

Position of the lint filter

By far the most machines still have a lint filter. Only a few types have actually only a so-called "foreign body catch" in the area of ​​the sewer line, which does not need to be cleaned, because he lets the most dirt into the sewage.

In all other machines, the lint filter is almost always found in the front of the machine, behind a rectangular flap at the bottom right. Occasionally you have to unscrew a panel and find the lint filter behind it.

For Toploader machines and individual models, the lint filter can also be installed in a different position. For example, on some models it is accessible via the drum.

However, the removal of the screen is still the same on most machines: turning the entire part either a quarter turn to the right or left, then you can remove the lint filter.

Cleaning the lint filter

The lint filter can easily be unscrewed. Then you can remove stuck foreign matter and clean the sieve and the sieve opening with a brush thoroughly from hair follicles, lint and fibers.

For a thorough cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the screen under running water with high pressure, for example with the hand shower of the shower. As a result, even stubborn dirt residues are removed. If one works cautiously, one can also use a brush.

Frequency of cleaning

How often the lint filter should be cleaned depends on the degree of contamination it takes over time. Basically, it can be assumed that the sieve gets dirty very quickly in the case of heavily linting laundry and in people with long hair and therefore should be cleaned accordingly more frequently.

In general, this is an empirical value. The level of contamination detected may indicate whether you should clean more frequently or clean less often.

Damage caused by laying the lint filter

If the lint filter is misplaced, it can cause several problems:

  • The washing machine can no longer drain, the water is in the machine
  • Remaining water remains in the drum
  • It comes to musty odors at the laundry

Tips & Tricks

When removing the lint filter, be sure to place a sensor under the opening - it may leak several liters of residual water.

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