Set up the washing machine - what should be considered?

For the washing machine to run properly, it must also be set up correctly. What should be considered when setting up, and what you should definitely think about, you can read in this article.

Check installation site

The place where the washing machine is installed must be completely level. The floor must not feather or yield, otherwise an imbalance may occur.

The same applies if the washing machine is to be placed on a base. In this case, check the evenness of the undercarriage with the spirit level after it is mounted or set up.


A washing machine needs a water inlet, and a drain. The water can, if not otherwise possible, also be diverted to the shower or bath, however, you should make sure that the drain hose is attached as firmly as possible, so that by the movement when pumping the water no flooding occurs.

If the washing machine is operated with rainwater or service water, one must also make sure that the water pressure in the supply line is suitable for the washing machine. This can be checked by a GWH operation.

Horizontal installation

The washing machine must be exactly in the balance, as this would otherwise cause imbalance and, as a consequence, bearing damage on the drum bearing. After setting up the washing machine, you must therefore check with the spirit level.

A resilient or yielding floor is basically not suitable as a place of installation. The high weight of the washing machine must also be taken into consideration.

Using the feet, a washing machine can usually be adjusted so that you can compensate for any slight bumps. Always check with the spirit level after every change in altitude, until the machine is exactly "in the water", ie aligned.

Transport safeguards and test run

After connecting to the inlet and outlet, the transport locks on the machine must still be removed. The procedure is always stated in the operating instructions of the washing machine.

After removing the transport locks, the washing machine should complete a test run - at the highest temperature level (90° C), the entire washing program should be carried out with the washing machine empty. Damages or deficiencies that you notice, you should immediately complain.

Tips & Tricks

Studying the manual is important with every new machine purchased. Each washing machine has its own characteristics and special manufacturer recommendations.

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