Washing machine does not heat

In most households, washing machines run regularly over many years. So again and again smaller defects can creep in. Most are quickly fixed and cost hardly any money - provided you can repair the washing machine yourself. A damage picture, which requires at least some basic knowledge of electronics and electrical engineering, is a non-functioning washer heating. Below we have compiled some causes that may be considered when the washing machine is not heating.

Does not heat the washing machine, many causes come into question

Most people immediately tap the heater that is installed in the washing machine when it stops heating. But most of the time the fault has to be found in the circuit of the device. But, depending on the equipment of the washing machine, it can have completely different causes, which is why the washing machine does not heat.

Electrician's basic knowledge is a prerequisite for successful troubleshooting

In any case, basic electrical knowledge should be available to check the heating of the washing machine. Because it is necessary to perform numerous measurements and to find the error after the exclusion process. Various components and components are eligible for verification:

  • Heating element or Heischlange
  • Thermostat Temperature sensor on the heater (NTC temperature sensor)
  • Cable contacts, insulation and cable breaks
  • Heater (not always)
  • Assignment at the program switch (cable)
  • Dry run protection

Measurements and visual inspections

All these components can be tested by appropriate measurements and visual inspections. However, appropriate knowledge is necessary. For example, the resistance at the NTC sensor, which tends to break, must be measured. As the temperature increases, the resistance should decrease.

Typical damage

The existing heater is known for blown contacts, but can also be broken inside. In rare cases, this is also the case with the heating itself. Likewise, an electrochemical corrosion may have caused contact weakness here. But now the concrete equipment of the heating system is important. So there are machines with direct and indirect Thermostopp, but also a time-defined heating.

Washing machines heat according to different principles

Thus, the temperature must be reached in the direct Thermostoppopp, before the program goes to the next step. If the machine hangs here in the washing program, this indicates that the washing machine is not heating. Other devices without an external thermostat define the temperature set according to the program according to a specific time schedule. If the machine does not heat up, the program continues nevertheless.

Not only faults in the electrical system possible

For all these possibilities electrical engineering knowledge is absolutely necessary. In addition, a circuit diagram would be recommended. If all the measurements and visual inspections did not show any errors, other components will also be checked.

Air damper and water draining from the tub

At a time control come the air damper and permanently draining water from the tub lye as a cause in question. In both cases, it comes to heating without water, which in turn would lead to a heating stop. For this purpose, the air damper is clogged or the water just flows through the drain hose from the tub. If the water runs out during the pre-wash cycle, it is often the suction regulator.

Without electrical knowledge, troubleshooting is difficult to impossible

So a defective pump in the washing machine can be responsible. All causes presuppose that the electrical system is in order. This brings us back to the basic knowledge of electrical engineering, which must be available.

Tips & Tricks

Exceptions are washing machines with a jet system (Zanussi). The additional circulation pump runs permanently and therefore has flow heating. But again, various causes come into question, ranging from an ordinary constipation to a broken winding.

In conventional washing machines, the heating element is fixed in the tub. Since the heater is plugged in from the inside out, the drum of the washing machine has to be removed accordingly.

Video Board: Beko washing machine not heating water how to test element & NTC sensor and fit new