Washing machine full of lint - what can you do?

When the laundry gets fuzzy from the washing machine, it's time to do something. What you can do, and what makes sense, read here.

Clean the fluff filter

The first and most important measure is to clean the lint filter. If lint is found on the laundry, the lint filter is likely already overfull.

As a rule, after a few washes, all lint should have left the washing machine.

It may also be helpful to manually set the machine to "rinse" again after the wash after the wash, and to run the rinse program after removing the laundry. That should help remove the remaining lint from the machine.

Emptying does not work

The often recommended running down of the machine at high temperatures does not clean the machine. It's just a waste of water and detergent, since the machine does not do anything else, no matter if laundry is in the drum or not.

Tips & Tricks

Washing machine cleaners occasionally help with cleaning the washing machine - but usually only when dealing with unpleasant odors. Pipe cleaners must not be used in washing machines, even with blockages!

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