Washing machine makes holes - why can this be?

If the washing machine does not clean your favorite pieces but breaks them, the trouble is of course great. If there are holes in the laundry during washing, this can have several causes, which should be eliminated one after the other. How best to do it, you can read here.

Possible causes of holes in the laundry

  • the drum itself
  • other laundry items
  • Foreign matter in the drum

The drum itself

Especially with older machines, it may happen that the drum openings bend in some cases to the inside. This can cause small "noses" that can tear holes in the laundry during washing.

If a drum is still intact, holes usually can not occur. Only very delicate pieces can suffer from the gross treatment by the washing machine.

Here you can either wash in a laundry bag, or buy a machine with a so-called gentle drum, as it is for example from Miele.

Other items of laundry

Pushbuttons and zippers should always be closed with all items of laundry before they are put into the washing machine. Otherwise you can sometimes damage other delicate items of laundry.

You should also pay attention to the height of the spin tours. More than 1,200 revolutions per minute are already a very heavy burden on textiles, and not all items of laundry actually survive the treatment with 1,600 spin tours in the long run unscathed.

If possible, always reduce the spin tours as much as possible to protect the laundry. Damage caused by other items of laundry will become more likely with the height of the spin tours.

Foreign matter in the drum

Often foreign objects remain stuck in the drum. Most commonly this happens with bra straps that separate from the fabric and disappear through the holes in the drum. They also form small "hooks" on which laundry items can be torn open during the washing process.

Bras should therefore always be washed in a laundry bag to prevent them from getting lost.

Tips & Tricks

The best way to find out if a foreign object is between the drum and the tub is to open the washing machine at the back and feel for foreign bodies underneath the drum in the tub underneath. Such foreign bodies, such as a nail can cause not only holes, but also noise during washing.

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