Washing machine hurls loud

Spin is the last step in every wash program. Very high speeds are achieved. A malfunction that keeps cropping up in this context is a loud spin. Depending on the sound of the sounds, different causes can be considered. Under no circumstances is this necessarily a reason. Get immediate service - provided there is no warranty on the device, and it is a real damage, but not a malfunction. Below we have summarized for you what can be the cause of the too loud spin and how to fix it.

The steps of washing machines

Washing machines are there that any type of textiles can be washed. Therefore, there are different programs that combine the different work steps accordingly:

  • water supply
  • Prewash program (washing machine turns back and forth - she walks)
  • Rinse
  • Main wash (renewed washing machine revision)
  • Lye is repeatedly pumped back into the tub
  • Rinse
  • Lye is pumped out
  • Washer hurls

Most likely cause: foreign bodies making noises

Now, if laundry is invited into the washing machine, often land foreign objects, which should not be washed, unintentionally in the washing machine. The portfolio of possible foreign bodies is enormous:

  • Screws and nails
  • Bra Straps
  • coins
  • Buttons

Accidental foreign bodies are considered in washing machines

Normally, the foreign bodies are transported away via the drain with the dirty water and then fall into the foreign body trap. If this is full (a foreign body may also continue to wander for other reasons), a foreign body can also get stuck in the drainage pump in the impeller. If the pump is defective on the washing machine, you will find a remedy here. This includes foreign bodies in the drain pump.

When a foreign object gets between the tub and the drum

However, in rare cases, the foreign bodies can also get caught between the tub and the washing drum. Even in the washing machine, they can catch themselves and then lead to unusual noises. In the worst case, the washing machine tears holes in textiles (if the foreign body gets caught inside the drum.

Remove foreign matter immediately

If the foreign body between drum and tub, this cause is clearly attributable to the resulting sound image: it is an irregular noise that arises. It can range from scratching to tapping, but is uneven. The foreign body should be removed immediately without further use of the washing machine. Otherwise, the heating element and / or temperature sensor may be damaged - if not already done.

Loud spin triggered by actual defects

In addition, there are also real defects that cause the washing machine to spin loudly. For this it is important to know how the drum is attached:

  • above springs and possibly shock absorbers
  • below a sword with brake and friction jaws and / or struts or / and shock absorbers

In particular, the friction jaws to stabilize the washing machine. If they indicate a defect, a loud knocking sound is produced, especially when spinning (due to the high speed). But even one of the springs or shock absorbers can be solved.

That's the way it sounds

Even then it comes to this noise. It is a uniform knock that is very similar to a non-removed transport lock. Find out how to change the shock absorbers on the washing machine here.

Other symptoms

Another feature may occur when the washing machine wobbles or the washing machine wanders.

Other causes for loud skidding

But there are other mechanical causes that may be responsible for the noise. These include worn or leaking bearings. The checking and changing of the bearings of the washing machine we explain here.

The V-belt is worn

Another possibility for too loud spin may be given when the V-belt is partially torn. Then it is a uniform loud spin. Click here to learn how to change the V-belt of the washing machine.

Tips & Tricks

Many of the possible causes of excessive spin are not heard with every wash. It may also depend on the selected wash program, the load of the washing machine and the spin speeds selected.

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