Washing machine remains in the program - what causes can have that?

If a washing machine always stays in the program, the first suspicion always lies directly on the control electronics. But there can be more causes for that. Read on here.

Checking the standstill points

A first clue arises when you record exactly at which point (after which time) the washing machine stops in which program. Does it always stop at the same point (in the same program) - or at different points?

What is being tried at this point? Spin, drain, water supply? Can the program then continue, or does it have to be restarted completely? How old is the washing machine, and what type of control electronics is installed?

Does the machine have an imbalance control that does not allow it to spin if the drum is overfilled or there is a risk of imbalance?

Be sure to additionally check

  • Inlet, water pressure, amount of water, pressure switch, air trap (if it is misplaced, the pressure switch does not always work)
  • Engine, V-belt (slipped), drive
  • Drain system (drain hose, lint filter, drain pump)

Tips & Tricks

The washing machine may react only to a recurring condition at the same point. Therefore, checking the above points is important to find out the actual cause of the error.

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