Washing machine stinks

If it smells bad from the washing machine a complete cleaning is needed. In many cases, not only the washing machine stinks, but also the freshly laundered laundry. Especially with frequent low-temperature washes stench is pre-programmed by the sale of germs in door rubbers and in the lint filter.

Often it is not until very late, that the once so pleasant smell of fabric softener and fresh linen gradually withdraws and ends up with a musty and not very pleasant smell. But not only the stench, but also the contact with the germs in themselves is harmful to health and can lead to diseases.

Backlash at 90 degrees

Even if you want to save electricity, it is not enough to occasionally treat the washing machine to an empty wash at a cooking temperature of 90 degrees, as this removes germs and fungus, and ensures a clean and no more stinking machine. Lime deposits also promote the formation of odors, as bacteria on the lime are also causing the stink. In most cases, the problem can be solved by cleaning the machine, if not, the drain could also be clogged and must be cleaned.

Clean rubbers

If a greasy film has already settled on the washing drum and on the door rubber, cleaning is urgently necessary. Mushrooms and bacteria live here, which get into your clothes with every wash. With a rag, the lubricating film can be easily removed even under the rubbers and quickly counteract the problem that the washing machine stinks. Is often washed only in savings and gentle programs, too much or little high-quality detergent added and the machine immediately closed after washing, it stinks faster and develops their own biotope with fungi, germs and lots of bacteria. From clean and fragrant laundry you are far away as a user at the moment. Gums should be cleaned after each wash.