Washing machine - what value loss can you actually calculate?

When you think about buying or selling a used washing machine, you usually think about the depreciation and thus the price decline of your washing machine. Whether there are guidelines for it, and which factors still play a role, you can read here.

Official reference values

A German court has assumed the loss of value for a washing machine at 15 percent per year, and the lifetime as a practical value at seven years. Since there is no other such decision so far, this information can certainly be regarded as very binding in terms of depreciation.

The washing machine is thus still within the usual scope of losses for household electrical appliances, which are generally stated at around 10 - 15 percent per year.

Other factors

The brand, its quality image and the wear of the washing machine and its equipment certainly influence the price significantly in practice.

For example, a four-year-old Miele washing machine from the premium segment will still be more expensive than a two-year-old washing machine with basic equipment from the low-cost segment.

Tips & Tricks

Before buying a second hand, always consider whether you will not get a new no-name machine with warranty in the specialized trade, maybe even for less money.

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