Close garbage bin - avoid trouble

Especially in houses with several apartments, there are always neighbors who unload their garbage unsolicited in the tons of other residents. They keep their cask clean and pay for their disposal, but if you want to house your trash yourself, the tons are already full. How you can secure the garbage bin against foreign use, we show you right here.

Good neighborhood

Unfortunately, some residents of larger condominiums are always there, who do not give much to good neighborhood. It is especially annoying when you can not get rid of your own rubbish because the bin is already filled with foreign waste. But it can get even worse if you get a fine in the house fluttering for misappropriated garbage - which was not yours at all.

disposal fees

In some municipalities, the disposal fee is at least partially calculated according to the weight of the residual waste. In other areas there are inclusive exemptions. If these are exceeded, the additional empties must be paid in addition. Another solution of the communities is the two- or four-week discharge, which can choose a budget either.

So if you have made an effort to use the garbage bin sparingly, you can really judge the behavior of the so-called garbage tourists as theft, because they incur additional costs for the owners of the bins.

Secure garbage bin

To secure the garbage can, you can either set up a lockable garage for garbage cans or simply buy a special barrel lock. Unfortunately, you must always remember to close the bin in good time before disposal. Otherwise your bucket will stay full. Simple locks that require no damage to the barrel, there are already from about 25 euros.

  • Waste bin box lockable
  • Garbage cans lock

Gravity lock

Look for a workable solution when buying. There are some gravity locks that are automatically locked when the lid is dropped. These locks can then only be opened with the key. It would then have to be stuck when the garbage collection comes - a nonsensical solution, especially when empty automatic garbage truck.

Tips & Tricks

Always try to get along well with the neighbors. It may even be an advantage if a neighbor uses your ton from time to time. Especially on vacation, the burglars can be pretended that the apartment is not empty.

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