Separate waste - save money by sorting

The removal and incineration of waste costs money. The costs are of course transferred to the consumers by the companies and communities. Since the separation of garbage is often a true austerity program. So how you can reduce waste fees by careful sorting, we show you here in our tips and tricks.

Special cases save waste

There are some things that are not necessarily in the normal garbage and for example, electrical appliances must always be delivered to the appropriate collection point. Who adheres to these small rules, saves a large part of his garbage.

  • Floppy disks and CDs - recycling center
  • Thermal printing paper / fax paper - residual waste
  • Clothes and shoes - clothes containers or local clothing store
  • Natural cork - local cork collection point
  • Plastic cork - yellow sack
  • Porcelain - residual waste / wedding shower


If you have a blue bin, you should not only dispose of the waste paper, but also all cardboard and cardboard boxes there. These include the small boxes that wrap many foods. They should not be in the yellow bag, even if a green dot is drawn on it.

Glass and bottles

Jam jars are just like bottles in the glass container. Pay attention to the correct colors of the glass container, since even a green bottle can contaminate a whole load of white glass. Even glass containers, which are supposedly emptied on the same truck, are not mixed there, but fall into separate areas. Incidentally, drinking glasses and other glassware do not belong in the glass container, because this glass contains other admixtures that make it so fine. Also contained in many drinking glasses lead, which is unsuitable for bottle production.

Batteries and energy-saving bulbs

Batteries and energy saving lamps we have summarized here, as both should be delivered. Unlike the other bulbs, the energy saving bulbs contain mercury. Therefore, you should take care in their own health interest to bring these bulbs to a collection point. Collect old batteries next to the lights, then you can take them right away. Batteries are also accepted in many other places.

Organic waste or compost in the garden

A ton of bio-waste may be a practical matter in the city apartment. In the countryside, however, it is a waste of money. In addition, there are so few consumers obtain a bio bin that many companies offer the emptying only once a month. In the summer, the bin then becomes a beautiful playground for vermin and stench.

If there is a possibility in the garden, you should set up a composter, even if you do not need the earth. If you own cats, you can use a special cat litter that is compostable. This saves considerable amounts of garbage.

Tips & Tricks

Be stingy and try to get a smaller garbage bin from the community or the civic bureau. Then you automatically disconnect even better, simply because the volume is no longer available to throw everything carelessly into the bin.

Video Board: Robot Separates Recyclables from Other Garbage