Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock

Shaping a plate as a clock

Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: make

A truly individual Christmas gift: a simple ceramic plate - which can be bought inexpensively at the flea market - transforms into a chic clock that embellishes every kitchen.

How to make the clock, we explain in a detailed construction manual. You need tools that you can work with quickly and accurately. The pre-drawn numbers and patterns are simply milled into the plate.

material list

  • Dremel Stylus lithium-ion
  • Diamond tipped cutters 7103, 7105, 7134 (shank 2.4 mm)
  • SpeedClic-Starter Set - Mandrel and two cutting discs SC 406
  • Dremel safety goggles
  • Drill chuck 4486 or collet 2.4 mm
  • clockwork
  • Ceramica porcelain color
  • Flat brush size 8
  • permanent markers
  • pencil
  • Verdünnnung
  • Plate
  • Wooden base
  • paper towel
  • ruler


Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: plate

Apply marks and mill out

First, draw evenly the markings for the numbers around the edge of the plate and mark the center of the plate. Now use the diamond-tipped cutter 7105 to mill the dots and the numbers along the markings. Hold the plate at an angle, so that the side that is being worked on rests on a solid surface.

Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: make

to drill a hole

Before drilling the hole for the movement, measure the diameter of the indicator mechanism and transfer the dimension to the plate. Carefully trace the contour of this drawing in a circular motion with the diamond-tipped cutter 7103. To avoid damaging the material, moisten the processed area. As soon as a clear groove has formed, replace the diamond-tipped cutter 7105. Continue to work carefully so as not to widen the cut to the edge. Carefully drill the last piece and hold the plate at a slight angle.

Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: make

Clean the plate

Then clean the plate with a diluent. Now wear porcelain paint in a dark shade roughly with a flat brush Gr. 8 on the milled numbers and points, so that they are readable later. The excess color can be removed with a slightly moistened cloth. Once the paint has dried, bake in the oven according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: make

Adjust the pointer

If you use a relatively small plate for your watch, the hands must be shortened accordingly. To do this, place the pointers on a wooden base and carefully separate the excess length. It is best to draw the desired length with a pencil and use the SpeedClic cutting wheel SC 406 to machine the pointer along the line.

Make a clock - shape a plate as a clock: clock

Engrave pointer

Now the hands get the finishing touches. Draw a pattern on the pointer in pencil. Engrave fine lines and dots along the pre-drawn lines with the 7134 diamond tipped cutter. Then use the diamond tipped 7103 cutter to drill holes. Finally, carefully push the movement into the drilled hole in the plate. Put the hands on, first the hour hand, then the minute hand - your plate clock is ready. Now look for a nice spot in the kitchen and pass the time.

Crafting tip from Dremel.

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