Spirit level comparison 2018

Purchase advice on spirit level comparison or test 2018

  • The spirit level helps to accurately align straight lines. This is useful in many works, such as tiling or hanging pictures.
  • The spirit level fits in any pocket and is easy to use.
  • Digital spirit levels offer many useful additional functions. This includes the delivery of an acoustic signal when, for example, the position has been reached at 0 degrees.

Spirit level comparison 2018: spirit

The spirit level belongs in every well-assorted tool case. Only with a spirit level is it possible in many cases to align workpieces horizontally and convincingly implement his construction project. The Stiftung Warentest does not offer a current test on the subject of spirit levels.

Therefore, the more important is our purchase advice. Here's how you can conveniently buy a spirit level in each category and find the most suitable product for your particular task. If you want to buy a spirit level, you do not have to resort to a spirit level test winner. The spirit level comparison shows that even offers for beginners perform well.

1. Spirit levels in comparison - achieve the perfect horizontal alignment

Digital and classic spirit levels
The classic spirit level works without electronics and therefore does not need a battery for the power supply. It is therefore popular with many craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts and proves in practice as a reliable tool at all times. Digital spirit levels score with a higher accuracy of the measurement and with a display, on which the readings are easier to read. If you need a distance measurement, opt for a spirit level with line laser.

A spirit level with laser, a digital spirit level or a spirit level with app: Today there are many ways to correctly align objects using the spirit level.

In addition to the electrician's spirit level for the professional, the mini-spirit level is also the right tool for DIY enthusiasts who want to have their tools with them everywhere. You can also choose from the magnetic spirit level, which adheres to metallic surfaces.

Manufacturers such as Acurate, Bahco and BASEtech serve a wide range of customer requirements. So you will always find in the hardware store exactly the spirit level, which fits perfectly to your requirements.

2. Test a spirit level: digital spirit level, laser spirit level or classic spirit level?

If you are looking for a suitable spirit level for your project, you should pay attention to the equipment. For example, some manufacturers even offer their own app for their digital scales.

Accessories / Equipmentdescription
45 degree dragonfly
  • Some spirit levels are equipped with a 45-degree bubble level for checking tilt angles.
  • Useful when working on sloping roofs such as the extension of the roof truss.
Acoustic signal transmitter
  • The buzzer will indicate when the 0 and 90 degree positions have been reached.
  • Simplifies the work with the spirit level.
  • Only available on digital models.
Illuminated display
  • Some levels have displays with backlit backgrounds.
  • Measurements can also be read in darkness and low light conditions.
  • Only available on digital models.
shock absorber
  • Shock absorbers are attached to the ends of the spirit level.
  • The shock absorbers protect the sensitive ends of the spirit level from knocks and bumps.
  • Shock absorbers increase the longevity of the tool.

2.1. The pros and cons of spirit levels at a glance

But what speaks for and what against the use of a spirit level? Here are the advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

  • precise alignment of horizontal and vertical lines
  • easy to handle
  • easy-to-read digital displays with electronic variants
  • also available in a compact format for spirit levels with laser
  • Precision of the measurement depends on the length of the spirit level (short spirit levels are less precise)
  • electronic spirit levels require a battery
  • relatively bulky tool

3. Purchase advice for the spirit level: Align lines conveniently anywhere

Spirit level comparison 2018: level

Do-it-yourselfers and professionals rely on the capabilities of the spirit level.

The spirit level dragonfly is the heart of the tool. Here you can see on a classic spirit level whether the desired alignment has already been achieved.

Modern tools offer you many more benefits that you should know. Pay particular attention to the following criteria when purchasing. How to quickly find the right product.

3.1. The orientation of the bubble level of a spirit level

The so-called dragonfly has either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. Which type is better depends on the purpose. If you want to check the horizontal position of an object, the level should also be horizontal.

In the vertical position, for example, on a wall, you need a vertically aligned dragonfly. It is particularly useful if the spirit level supports both orientations.

3.2. The length of the spirit level

The longer the spirit level, the more accurate the tool will give you. At the same time, a long spirit level is bulky and harder to carry. Small spirit levels are between 20 and 40 cm long. The average length is about 40 to 60 cm. A spirit level of 2 m is already very long and designed for professional use.

3.3. The material of a spirit level

The spirit level is usually made of either aluminum or plastic. Both materials have advantages such as low weight, easy-to-clean surface and high robustness. However, aluminum spirit levels are usually a bit more stable than plastic models.

3.4. Spirit levels with magnet

Straight electricians rely on the spirit level with magnet. A magnetic spirit level sticks to metal cable ducts and can also be attached to a power outlet. This facilitates many tasks in everyday working life.

Note:A spirit level with a magnet makes sense especially when the dragonfly is vertically aligned. Then the scale, for example, will hang vertically against metal boxes.

3.5. The display of the spirit level

If the spirit level is an electronic model, it is equipped with a display. The measured angle is readable here in decimal notation, which contributes to a higher precision. Some models also have a backlit display.

A display is not essential for the use of a spirit level, but some users prefer a clear view of the angle measurement. Keep in mind that you need to equip your spirit level with a battery if the tool has a display.

3.6. The measuring accuracy of a spirit level

The manufacturer of the spirit levels specify exactly how high the achievable measuring accuracy is for your products. For example, a deviation of 0.5 mm per meter is usual. Such a spirit level already has a high accuracy.

The higher the measuring accuracy, the more expensive the spirit level is. For professional applications, however, the investment can be worthwhile. This applies, for example, to applications in house building.

4. The most important questions about the spirit level

4.1. How does a spirit level work?

In the case of the spirit level, there is a liquid in the center of the tool in which an air bubble, the so-called dragonfly, is trapped. This always rises in the liquid upwards. When aligning the object, it is important to place this bubble exactly in the middle. In this case, the angle is exactly 0 or 90 degrees.

4.2. Which length should the spirit level have?

Basically, the longer the spirit level is, the more accurate the measurement will be. A good balance is therefore usually longer than at least 20 cm. A spirit level of 2 meters, on the other hand, is only required if the highest precision is required for professional work.

Shorter spirit levels are sufficient for the everyday life of do-it-yourselfers. Laser spirit levels are much shorter because the instrument is aligned in a different way.

4.3. How can I align the washing machine with a spirit level?

For the horizontal alignment of a washing machine you reach for a spirit level with horizontal dragonfly. Simply place the spirit level on the top of the washing machine and make sure that the air bubble is exactly in the center of the display.

4.4. How does an electronic spirit level work?

An electronic spirit level is for example a spirit level with laser. The line laser aligns the balance and replaces the liquid with dragonfly. An electronic spirit level can also be equipped with a display. This serves for a particularly precise representation of the measured values. Remember that electronic spirit levels must be supplied with a battery.

4.5. What are the important manufacturers in the market for spirit levels?

Spirit level comparison 2018: comparison

Spirit levels differ in many features.

Opt for a spirit level from a brand like

  • BauCompany24
  • Black + Decker
  • BMI
  • Bosch
  • Castle guard
  • C.K Tools
  • Connex
  • Draper and
  • Erba,

In any case, you can expect a high-quality product. Among the other well-known brands belong

  • Faithfull
  • Flex
  • Geo Fennel
  • H & G
  • HEDÜ
  • Ironside
  • power man
  • KS tools and
  • KWB.

These manufacturers usually offer any kind of spirit levels as well as the appropriate tape measure.

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