Waterbed fleece slips - How can this happen?

Have you moved and suddenly feel bumps or bumps in your waterbed? Then probably the fleece has slipped. How this happens and if you can do something there, you can find out here.

What is a fleece?

Nonwovens are layers of polyester fleece in the water core, which are responsible for the calming of the waterbed. The calmer the waterbed, the more nonwoven layers there are. The fleeces are bonded and knotted together. Often they are also sewn at the corners, so slipping by lifting the corners is prevented.

How can a fleece slip?

Fleece actually slip only by improper treatment, especially when moving. If any residual water or air remains in the mattress during migration, it may cause the nonwovens to move. It is therefore important that you pump off the waterbed before moving and fold or roll it. You can read here how to easily move with your waterbed.

How do I know that a fleece has slipped?

There are several signs that the fleeces have slipped:

  • You feel knubbel or knot in your bed.
  • They do not feel the soil in some places and others.
  • Your waterbed is "uncomfortable". It expresses here and there.

What can I do if the fleeces have slipped?

Unfortunately, if the nonwovens have slipped, you can usually do nothing more. There remains only the purchase of a new waterbed. If the fleeces are only light and have recently slipped, a specialist may be able to correct them. Just ask your dealer.

Tips & Tricks

When there is nothing left to save, you can try to disassemble the fleece inside the water core and pull it out bit by bit through the valve. If you succeed in doing so, you still have an un-waterbed waterbed.

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