Waterbed - Acquisition cost and running costs per year

Think about getting a waterbed? Do you want to know what costs are coming to you? Below we have put together a cost summary for a classic dual waterbed with a basic set up. In addition, you will also find an overview of the running costs per year.

Dual or Uno waterbed

Before you buy a waterbed, you should first ask yourself if you want a dual or a single waterbed. The dual waterbed is designed for couples: it has two cores separated by a dividing wall or separating wedge. Each side has its own degree of calm and its own heating, so that the temperature can be adjusted individually. The biggest advantage is that the movements of the partner are not felt on the other side.

Hardside or softside

The hardside variant is the original version of the waterbed, but not so common today. Here, the water core is placed directly in a wooden box. This has the disadvantage that the edge is very hard and you may encounter when entering and exiting. The softside waterbed is a freestanding mattress. Here, the water core is surrounded by foam parts and a cover, so that it creates a visual impression of a normal, exposed mattress.

calming level

Waterbeds are available in different levels of calming. They differ in how much the movements echo. There are many gradations within the range of 30 to 0 seconds.

Price example

A classic dual-waterbed, a softside model measuring 200 x 220cm, costs € 1479.00 from a reputed online retailer with a 10-year warranty, base, covers, heaters and basic extras without extras.
However, if you want extras, the fun will be more expensive, but you get a lifetime warranty on the vinyl you choose, and the safety tub has a 10-year warranty.
Here is a list of additional costs:

acquisition costprice
1. Classic waterbed (without bed frame)1,479 EUR
2. Visco foam wedge60 EUR
3.Rückenunterstützung50 EUR
4. Waterbed cover: Natural Breeze178 EUR
5. Vinyl Type: Superior Vinyl (Lifetime Warranty)335 EUR
6. Safety Sink: Deluxe (10 year warranty)225 EUR
7. Topper: thermal topper149 EUR
8. Heating: 2x Carbon Heater, digital120 EUR
9. Thermal insulation for pedestal35 EUR
10th podium: drawer podium286 EUR
total2,917 EUR

Running costs per year

The running costs are rather low in comparison. If economical heating and extra insulation are chosen, heating costs can be much lower.

Running costs per yearprice
1. electricity costsabout 137 EUR
2. conditioner (once a year)15 EUR
3. Vinyl care (7 EUR, every three months)21 EUR
total173 EUR

How to save

Be sure to choose the insulation options that will save you heating costs. Even a drawer pedestal is a savings option: So you can not only save space, but possibly also buy a chest of drawers or a cupboard less. Waterbeds can sometimes also be built on existing bedsteads. So if you have a bed box, you may be able to buy only the mattress and save a lot of money. The pure dual water core (dimensions 200x220cm) you get online from just 500 €. Bear in mind, however, that your bed box will probably need a conversion because weight distribution must be taken care of. In addition, there are the costs for heaters, dividing wall, safety foils and possibly other extras. Let your waterbed dealer advise you!

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