Clean the water filter - how does it work?

Again and again methods are explained, with which one can clean or "reprocess" water filter. Whether this actually works, and what works in practice, you can read here in detail.

Possibility of cleaning

By far the most filters are designed for single use. Activated carbon wears off and can not be simply "flushed".

The only exception is the regeneration of ion exchangers. Ion exchangers remove certain ions from the water and exchange them with others. The exchanges are consumed over time.

When an ion exchanger is regenerated, the absorbed ions are again replaced by the exchange ions. It's just a reversal of the impact process. Ion exchangers, such as for water descaling are designed for this purpose.

Other filters are usually not flushable.

Clean the filter on the water connection

So-called domestic water filters are disposable filters. They have to be checked every 2 months, and in case of visible pollution they must always be replaced.

A variant are so-called backwash filter. They can be cleaned by a backflush specified by the manufacturer. This saves you the exchange. Exactly how the backwashing is done varies from model to model. It is described by the manufacturer in the instructions for use.

Clean water filter on the way

For portable water filters, such as Katadyn, it is sufficient to disassemble the filter into the individual parts and rinse them once with clean water. This prevents deposits and the clogging of the fine filter pores. The procedure is also indicated in the instructions for use.

Risk of germs

Rinsing household disposable filters can cause the filters to become contaminated over time. If a high bacterial count is reached on the filter, it can happen that individual types of bacteria break through the filter and heavily contaminate the water. In many cases, there may be an infection risk.

Tips & Tricks

Filter cartridges must be replaced regularly and for at least the periods specified by the manufacturer. Some modern filter systems also measure the flow rate and the filter additive and provide information via an electronic change indicator.

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