Lay water connections in the house - you must pay attention

Sometimes water connections are not where you need them. This can be problematic when installing a kitchen, but also in the redesign of the bathroom. Whether you can lay water connections, which problems can arise, and how exactly this goes, describes in detail this post.

Possibilities of laying

Basically, a water connection can always be laid. The easiest way is, of course, if only an existing water pipe must be shortened, so the water connection has to be laid practically a bit to the rear.

In this case it is sufficient to saw off the water pipe and solder the new connection. It will be more problematic if the water connection has to go to a completely different location - then a corresponding piping must be laid here.

Even if the water connection protrudes too far out of the wall, can be shortened - this can sometimes be annoying when installing the kitchen, because then often a connection of dishwasher or washing machine is no longer possible.

Lay the water connection yourself

In principle, all work on the drinking water installation may only be carried out by trained specialists - this is stipulated by law. In the case of a water damage would be self-embarrassing massive problems with the insurance, which then may refuse to pay.

Simple transfers, such as shortening, are usually taken over by specialist companies for less than EUR 100. For copper pipes, shortening and soldering a sleeve takes around half an hour. In iron pipes, where the sleeve must be pressed instead of soldered, the effort can be slightly higher, but usually the difference is reflected only slightly in the price.

What you can easily do yourself, is to do the curbing on the wall with a chisel yourself, and also the closing of the staked place. Difficulties can arise when a tile mirror must be damaged - here you should either have created in time replacement tiles whose pattern and color fits, or even in advance to procure matching replacement tiles to procure. In contrast, only plastered wall parts generally have no problems.

Insert new connection

When laying a connection to a completely different location in the room, it may be necessary that the planned installation must first be inspected by a specialist. Substantial extensions of water pipes with a remote collection point should always be planned carefully and professionally.

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