Report water damage as soon as possible

In order to always be on the safe side with insurance companies, water damage must be reported immediately or, as usually stated in the terms of the contract, immediately. This also applies to reporting to an owner or landlord whose insurance also requires immediate information.

Oral and written form

Since in the course of the subsequent regulation of the water damage any insurance company can use formal mistakes to not pay, the reporting of the water damage should be done by correspondence and by telephone.

For this, an e-mail is sufficient as a flanking message, which at best already delivers some first pictures of the documentation. The verbal notification should be asked for immediate written confirmation and kept in print.

Tips & Tricks

If you are not sure which insurance company is responsible for the settlement of claims, you should notify the building insurance company as well as property and household insurance as well as the building owner. This also applies in the event that the insurance company or their representatives initially declare themselves ineligible.

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