Water damage caused by rain is often uninsured

Whether a water damage caused by rain is insured depends on the nature of the damage. In all cases where rain has entered buildings because doors or windows have not been properly sealed, insurance is not payable. The same applies to leaky and damaged openings. If storm or hail has led to the ingress of rain, the building insurance is responsible.

Rain is almost uninsurable

While building insurance, even in the expanded form of elementary damage insurance, only covers water damage caused by rain in non-fault cases, in many cases private or building liability insurance contracts with the other party.

Tips & Tricks

Own and negligently caused water damage caused by rain are not insurable. An exception to the indirect consequences of large amounts of rain is the natural hazards insurance. It regulates the extent of the contract content rainwater damage caused by backwater. Other insurance companies, such as windstorm insurance, settle the damage if they are responsible for the initial damage.

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