Water damage in the kitchen requires planning

While in other rooms there is usually the possibility of relocating the use to other rooms as a substitute or temporary, this is not easily possible in the case of water damage in the kitchen. In this case, it often has to be planned how the food and drink supply will be maintained during the renovation work.

Emergency kitchen or temporary excerpt

If a major water damage, the kitchen should be redeveloped as the first room. If a partial operation is not possible and no alternative room with the necessary sanitary connections is available, a temporary withdrawal must be considered.

The insurance in this case also pay the hotel costs during the period of unusability. However, the amount of benefit depends on your own living and household situation. The hotel has to fit the lifestyle of the apartment or the house.

Tips & Tricks

As adequate is usually a guest house or a three-star hotel with full board. Affected parties should seek a quote, submit it to the insurance and have it approved.

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