A water damage restoration can be expensive

If a water damage restoration must be made, this can be associated with considerable structural complexity. If the masonry and floor coverings are affected, this leads to the temporary uninhabitability of the affected rooms or the entire apartment. Before water damage restoration, a detailed schedule should be established.

What to do when a water damage

Many variables determine the cost of a water damage restoration. In addition to the extent of the damage, the speed, the season and the cost recovery play the main roles.

The first measures should be taken as far as possible during the development of the water damage. These include shutting off the water supply, interrupting the power network and collecting endangered and valuable objects.

Depending on the local conditions and the type of water damage, everything should be tried to minimize the damage. This also includes acute sealing work, for example, in the event of an infiltrating flood.

When the phase of acute emergence is over, the water damage must be reported as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, the responsible insurance company, the owner of the building, must be informed verbally and in writing

Eliminate the water damage

The first step in any water damage restoration is to secure any physical damage that may have occurred. If damage has been caused to the statics, the fire brigade or a professional emergency service must be called if necessary.

To plan the upcoming water damage restoration, photos of all damages should be made. For the insurance, an appraiser should be requested, if not already commissioned by the insurer.

The rapid and extensive drying of water damage is the core task of water damage restoration. A work plan must be drawn up with the appraiser, if applicable the building owner and any possibly needed professional service provider.

Depending on the intensity and extent of the damage, the drying time of the water damage, in addition to any necessary structural measures, plays the central role. The spectrum ranges from simple drying out to the use of heavy pumps, blowers and special dehumidification techniques.

Schedule process and effort

When creating the drainage and recovery plan for water damage remediation, the usability and time required must be considered. Which rooms and functions fail for which period and to what extent, play a crucial role both for the insurance as well as for the personal life-style during the water damage restoration.

If, for example, a drainage of screed floor is required, the affected areas are usually completely useable. In the kitchen or bathroom, in addition to the temporary loss of living space, the functional failure is added. In this case, the water damage restoration plan must include practical solutions such as external housing and reimbursement.

All planned measures must be decided and confirmed in close cooperation with the responsible insurance company (s) in order to guarantee the reimbursement of costs.

Tips & Tricks

If you find alternative accommodation with relatives or friends during the water damage restoration, negotiate a lump sum payment from the responsible insurance company and refer to the alternative of purchasing a hotel.

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