Water damage - what to do now

When and after a water damage much depends on the right reaction. The top priority is an attempt to limit the damage as much as possible and to immediately inform the insurance companies and, if applicable, the owner. What to do, often decides when it comes to the subsequent payment of damages and remediation.

1. Limit damage

Since every water damage is an individual event, the general rule is that the damage should be limited as far as possible. In the case of clearly arranged and still accessible premises, it is necessary to close the main water tap and disconnect the power supply.

If possible, valuable and sensitive possessions should be stored higher or completely safe. In particular, electrical appliances, books and papers are affected. If the water supply can be reduced, for example by sealing feed channels or collecting in containers, the attempt should be made.

If the water rises, for example, in a cellar or in a water pipe break, the water supply is not interruptible, the fire department should be notified immediately. Existing garden pumps can be used, as far as a secure power supply via extension cable is possible.

2. Report damage

To ensure full insurance coverage, the water damage must be reported immediately. Owners must contact the affected insurance companies, tenants except their insurance companies and the respective owner or landlord. He is then in each case responsible for the claim of his insurance.

3. Document damage

As early as possible, the water damage should be documented. Photographs and films can, as far as possible, be made as they arise. However, mitigating the damage always takes precedence. Noting the names and contact details of any witnesses should not be forgotten.

4. Plan renovation

Together with the owner and / or the insurance a recovery plan must be created. Here, payment responsibility, commissioning of restructuring companies and procedures are recorded.

In addition to the pure catalog of measures, the residence of residents must be organized during the renovation. Depending on the habitability and usefulness of the rooms, provision must be made for any alternative accommodation and temporary solutions. The assumption of costs and any claims for rent reduction must be asserted.

Tips & Tricks

If you are in doubt as to whether you can control the cause of the water damage or retain it, call the fire brigade via the Europe-wide emergency number 112.

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