Change water filter at the house connection - how, how often, when?

For all new buildings, a water filter is installed behind the water meter. It is used to filter out coarser particles that could otherwise damage cables and equipment in the house. When to change it and what to look for is explained here.

change intervals

There are no prescribed replacement intervals for the domestic water filter. For non-backwash filters, however, a visual check should be made approximately every 2 months. If there is visible contamination, the filter element should then be changed.

For backwash filters, a backwash is recommended every 2 months. The backwashing is to be carried out exactly as described by the manufacturer in the operating instructions, as this is the only way to remove all accumulated particles.

Domestic water filter with additional functions

In some cases, domestic water filters are equipped with additional water filters to improve the quality of the water. In most cases, these are activated carbon filters and other ceramic filter elements.

These filters have to be changed very often because otherwise there is a risk of microbial contamination. Microorganisms and germs can accumulate in the filter and multiply.

Under unfavorable conditions, they can break through in high concentrations and contaminate the tap water. This also applies to individual chemical substances that accumulate in the filter.

In addition, if the filter is full, an activated carbon filter is no longer effective. The water runs through it unfiltered. This condition must be avoided at all costs.

In the case of a connected decalcification system, the rinsing and regeneration intervals must also be observed as specified by the manufacturer.

Tips for changing simple filters

At the beginning you should not forget to close the gate valve in front of and behind the filter.

Before unscrewing the filter cartridge, be sure to operate the outlet to drain the filter. It is best to place a bucket in order to catch the runoff. The drain opening is on the bottom of almost all models.

Tips & Tricks

The few remaining bacteria in tap water are always far below the infection limit with clean tap water. There is thus no danger - unless they accumulate as in germinated filters.

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