Drain water from the waterbed

There are many reasons for draining water from a water mattress:
You want to reset your waterbed because you feel there is too much water in the mattress. Or your mattress licks and you want to mend it. You want to move or want to move your mattress from the spot. We'll explain how you can drain water for all these occasions.

Step by step instructions, drain the water to reset the waterbed

If there is too much water in the mattress, your body will not sink into the mattress, the mattress will not adapt to your posture. This can lead to back, neck and lumbar pain. In this case you should drain some water from the mattress.

  • Pump or a hose
  • water bucket
  • Possibly towels, if something goes wrong

1. Open the valve

Locate the valve of your waterbed and pull out the filler neck. Then open the valve.

2. Drain the water

Before you connect the pump to the valve, you should clean and disinfect it properly so that no dirt gets into the mattress.

Then you can drain two to three liters of water with a hand pump or another pump.

If you do not have a pump, you can alternatively use a hose. Also, you must necessarily before use to disinfect and rinse.

Then insert it a little way into the mattress and suck on a little water. Caution: Do not swallow the water! Conditioners are not suitable for consumption!

3. Test the filling quantity

After draining a few liters, lie down on the mattress to test whether the fill level is now more comfortable. How to determine the ideal setting, you can read here.

Drain the water to mend the mattress

In principle, the drainage of water to mend the mattress works exactly as described above. Only you have to drain so much water here, until the leak is dry. Then you can mend it as described here.

Drain all the water to change

If you want to move, just about all you need to do is drain water from the mattress and make sure there is no air in the mattress core. For this you need a special vacuum pump. Here we explain step by step how to empty your waterbed completely.

Tips & Tricks

Remember to vent your waterbed after draining the water. As soon as you open the valve, air enters the inside of your waterbed, which wants to be removed.

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