Descale hot water tank - that's how it works

The descaling of the boiler can also be done in many cases. Which devices that works, and how to proceed step by step, you can read in this post. In addition, which cleaning agents you use best.

Descale the boiler yourself

The descaling of the boiler does not necessarily have to be done by a specialist. Many appliances have a special cleaning opening that makes it easy to descale and clean the boiler. If there is no cleaning opening ("flange"), descaling should be better taken care of by a specialist company.

Obtain before descaling

First of all, check that you have the right tool for the job - some equipment may require special tools. You should also get new seals. You should also get a long hose that goes from the device to a nearby drain if you do not have one at hand.

protection anode

Every time you descale, you should take the opportunity to test the existing protective anode. It prevents corrosion inside the boiler. If it is worn out, it can easily be exchanged if you open the boiler for descaling anyway.

Descale the boiler - step by step

  • boiler
  • tube
  • Tool (varies by device)

1. Preparation

First disconnect the boiler from the mains. Then lock the water supply. To be on the safe side, make sure that both connections are actually completely disconnected.

2. Empty the boiler

Attach the hose to the drain valve and drain the water.

3. Clean and descale the boiler

Using the cleaning opening, you can now remove the heating element and clean the interior of the boiler. You can also use descaling agents (vinegar essence, diluted with water, or citric acid). Remove the coarsest dirt and mud beforehand but mechanically. You can carefully remove lime from the heating element by using a piece of wood. After that he can go into a decalcifying bath if you want to clean it up more thoroughly.

4. Check protective anode

Check the condition of the protective anode. If it is already too worn, replace it.

5. Put the boiler back into operation

Insert the cleaned heating coil and close the cleaning opening again. Set the water connection. The electricity may only be started when the boiler is completely filled with cold water!

Tips & Tricks

For units without a drain valve (rare), you must remove the lime water connection so that the water can drain from the boiler.

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