Water in the basement - when does the insurance pay?

Not every water damage in the basement is covered by the building insurance. The first important question is whether it is tap water, groundwater or rainwater. What has to be considered, with water in the basement, is here.

Tap water - a case for building insurance

If a pipe in the basement of the water pipe has become leaky or broken, this damage is borne by the building insurance. Even the sewer pipes are among the insured pipes.

Mobile belongings

Standing in the basement Furniture or electrical equipment that has been damaged or unusable as a result of the damage will normally be covered by household contents insurance. But only the moving goods are included in the household insurance.

What is important when water is in the basement?

  • Building insurance pays damages due to tap water
  • Elemental damage insurance pays for damage caused by flood or cloudburst
  • Elementary damage insurance regionally divided into zones
  • Entering groundwater is usually uninsurable

Floods and elemental damage

If the water in the basement has been caused by a flood or a heavy downpour, and not by tap water, the homeowner only has insurance coverage if he has additionally taken out a natural hazard insurance.

The elemental damage insurance is divided into various hazard classes. Depending on the hazard class, the additional insurance contribution is classified.

  • GK 1 - According to statistics, flooding occurs less frequently than once every 200 years
  • GK 2 - According to statistics, flooding occurs less than once in 50 to 200 years
  • GK 3 - According to statistics, flooding occurs less than once in 10 to 50 years
  • GK 4 - According to statistics, a flood occurs once every 10 years

Tips & Tricks

Many insurance companies reject the inclusion of natural hazards insurance when the building is in GK 4. But also in the GK 3 the contribution can be disproportionately high.

Get insurance quotes, which will cost the elementary damage insurance for your region, and put the amount back in case of damage if the insurance seems too expensive.