Water examination - where is this done?

Again and again it happens that one has concerns about the quality of his tap water. Either because it has a strange color, smells unpleasant or tastes or because a seller of a "water purifier" always talks about the poor quality of drinking water in Germany. An in-depth analysis of the drinking water then makes sense. Those who carry out such analyzes, what they cost, and which lab is also certified for this can be read here.

Call the water supplier

In Germany, water utilities supply the drinking water in the quality specified by the drinking water ordinance up to the house connection. But if there are problems with the pipes, and the quality of the water in your own domestic water supply network deteriorates, remedy must be provided.

Warning signs for poorer water quality can be:

  • Unpleasant, metallic or foul smell of tap water
  • Discoloration of tap water
  • Rust in tap water

As a rule, one's own water supplier can also be informed of such problems. In many cases, a free or low-cost analysis of the drinking water is offered. The analysis values ​​can in many cases indicate the cause of the quality deterioration.

In case of acute problems, this help should always be used first.

Testing of water quality in general

If it is just a general quality insurance, then you can also contact one of the numerous free laboratories. In general, 27 water parameters are checked here, and some laboratories also offer tests specifically for domestic wells or specific technical equipment.

Sampling takes place either from the tap or at another location suitable for the measurement. For most laboratories on the Internet, the water sample can also simply be sent by post.

Cost of an independent water analysis

The costs that are calculated for the analysis vary from lab to lab. The cheapest prices start at around 40 EUR. However, care should be taken that as many meaningful test parameters as possible are included in the analysis.

The pH value of the water, the water hardness and similar values ​​can be easily obtained by telephone from the water supplier or even tested with test strips without difficulty.

Particularly interesting are parameters that can not be determined with the help of test strips or only with great difficulty - such as microbial contamination, the occurrence of faecal or intestinal germs or legionella, or the detection of manganese, which is especially important for house fountains.

Tips & Tricks

Self tests with test strips are easy to perform for iron, pH, water hardness and some other parameters. Especially bacteria tests with offered test strips are not very reliable, since the test strips often have to be "incubated" for days at a certain temperature.

Video Board: Bottled water pH level test