Water is in the washing machine - what can I do?

What causes it, that water is in the washing machine, how to fix it, and what else should be considered, is to be read in detail in this post.

Problems when pumping

When there is water in the machine, it can have very different causes:

  • The pump is misplaced and therefore the water can not be pumped out
  • The pump is defective
  • The electronics are defective, and can not control the pump
  • It flows in too much water, because the inlet valve gets stuck
  • The pressure switch can not react because the air trap is misplaced, thus more and more water flows into the machine
  • The lint filter is misplaced
  • The machine does not start to spin but remains in the program because the imbalance control does not allow a spin
  • Many other possible causes that prevent pumping

As long as there is water in the machine, the porthole can not be opened. The water must be removed by other means.

Solution: Pump off

You have the option to manually set the program selector switch to drain. As long as the machine is still running, she will then try to pump off the water. If the machine has already switched off, of course, this attempt is pointless.

An exception applies only to machines that have a so-called Aqua Control system. It makes pumping possible even when the machine is switched off. Only a few machines have this additional function.

Also futile is the attempt when the problem is on the inlet side, and the inlet valve no longer closes, because the machine draws more and more water, which then flows quickly and keeps the water level in the drum constant.

This should not be the case with machines with Aquastop function. Otherwise, you should manually turn off the water supply in any case.

Emergency emptying

Turn off the machine and drain the water through the emergency drain hose or the pump cover, which also contains the lint filter.

Emergency emptying works a little differently for each machine type and model. It is best to look for it in the manual or inquires, if you no longer have them, on the respective service hotline of the manufacturer.

Tips & Tricks

A full washing machine can contain a tremendous amount of water. Remember, if you need to make an emergency evacuation, and provide sufficiently large vessels.

Video Board: How to Identify Water Leaks on a Washing Machine