A water damage to the car pays the comprehensive insurance

When a water damage to the car on the one hand, the operating condition is crucial and on the other hand, the level of water in the vehicle. All damages have in common that there is no regulatory protection without a partial or full insurance. How the damage is assessed and regulated, determine the insurance itself.

Liability for foreign damages

If the car suffers water damage, the first determining factor is which form of insurance is in charge of regulation, whether the car is stationary or has driven. The pure liability insurance for motor vehicles does not cover this damage.

It is conceivable to regulate a foreign damage through the motor vehicle liability insurance, for example, if a loss of steering control by water standing on the road leads to a collision. Another covered cause is the suspension of technical functions on the vehicle, which cause extraneous damage.

Driving or standing car

If water damage occurs to the car while driving, the motor insurance company will settle the damage using the comprehensive insurance, if available, and will then classify the damage exemption accordingly.

In the case of a stationary vehicle, the partial coverage will be reclaimed and the damage exemption class will remain unchanged. In both cases, negligence as the reason for the water damage is excluded. A typical negligence is the open top in precipitation.

The insurer pays the damage less any deductible as the regulatory amount. If no VAT invoice is presented, the insurance company retains.

Scope of damage and repair

If the car is "flooded" from the outside in flood, three water levels are classified. At a water level to the side bumper, in which no water has penetrated into the interior, a technical inspection of the wheel bearings, the brake system and the drive shaft is performed by default. The alternator and other components are checked for position in the vehicle.

When water has invaded the interior, a repair is usually worth repairing and usually only on young and new vehicles. The extensive technical control and repair and drying and cleaning of cavities also behind the interior paneling quickly lead to costs that reach or exceed the value of the car. At a water level to the lower edge of the discs is a total economic loss.

Tips & Tricks

Unlike other water damage is the car only the appraiser of the car insurance crucial. If you disagree with the claim, you can challenge the outcome.

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