The water pump without electricity

Power can not always be provided to operate a water pump. In addition to the conventional hand pump, there are actually other water pumps that work completely without electricity. Below we want to describe such water pumps without electricity.

Pumping water with water

Pumps for pumping water are usually divided into two categories:

  • the water pump without electricity
  • the water pump with drive motor working with electricity

Pumps that pump without electricity

With the water pump without electricity, most people will immediately think of a hand pump in the garden, for example, a rotary pump, which is powered by muscle power.

Pump drive from wind and solar power

But there are certainly more water pumps that work without electricity. For example, a water pump can use water to pump water. Also, by heating water, a pump can be driven.

However, these pump systems are all dependent on the current weather conditions and can not guarantee regular water supply. Here comes a conveyor technology into play, which is by no means new. On the contrary - the technology is even so old that it is increasingly forgotten in many places.

A water pump without electricity - the ram pump

In this water pump, which promotes no electricity, it is a so-called Aries pump. However, here too certain conditions must be fulfilled so that the ram pump can pump water without electricity. But the Aries pump can promote water at any time and regardless of the weather or the time of day.

Requirements and operating principle of the Aries pump

There must be a running water, such as a stream, a spring or a river. The pump itself must be installed at a much lower point. In between, a drop or power tube is installed.

Stately highs

The water that enters the pump through the drive tube is stopped abruptly. This builds up a pressure. This pressure can be used to pump water upwards. If the design of the ram pump is optimal, the ram pump can pump the water up to 20 times higher than the shoot tube is long. With a 10 m long drive pipe, up to 200 m head can be achieved - provided that the delivery line is also equipped with check valves.

Tips & Tricks

Until around 100 to 150 years ago, ram pumps were widely used. It was not until the discovery of electricity and the ever-improving power supply that ram pumps became more and more forgotten. But especially in mountainous and remote areas such as in the Alps, many ram pumps are still used today.

At the present time, however, there are also always better ways to use the so-called renewable energy. For example, you can install a small solar system and store the generated electricity in appropriate batteries. Modern solar systems achieve good electricity yields, even when it is cloudy, while the latest batteries can store electricity more efficiently. Accordingly, you can do with such a solar system also completely independent of weather conditions as well as day and night times.

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